Quales® Document Management System

Welcome to the Quales Document Management System

The Quales Document Management System helps organisations to manage their documents. Irrespective of whether you have an integrated management system (IMS) that combines quality, safety and environment or just a single management system like quality, you will still find the Quales management system very useful. The major advantages of this management system are:

  • The Event Calendar allows the user to enter important compliance dates with appropriate email alerts.
  • All documents are located in a very easy to find location on the database.
  • Email alerts are sent when corrective actions are due. This will ensure that you always know when a corrective action is due.
  • The user is able to schedule, track and report employee training with automatic email notifications. This ensures that there is an auditable record of all employee qualification, licences and certificates.
  • An area is specifically allocated for licences/permits
  • Emergency response information can immediately be entered into the Quales management system. There is no double handling of information since it goes straight into the system.
  • Customer feedback is also recorded which will help with the preparation of management review meetings.
The Quales Document Management System provides a complete solution for all your compliance needs! The system is very user friendly and tracks and reports all your compliance metrics in an easy to use format.